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What is Achalasia?


Achalsia is a disease in which the tube responsible for carrying food from mouth to the stomach is affected. Achalasia is a grave stomach disorder that disturbs the functionality of the tube responsible for carrying food from mouth to stomach (esophagus) by upsetting the competence of esophagus to transmit food to the stomach. Achalasia is also known as esophageal achalasia. It is usually recognized as an esophageal motility disorder which grasps the flat muscle layer of the esophagus and the lower esophageal sphincter. In the disease Achalasia it gets very difficult for the muscles to carry food down the esophagus. This disease is most common in middle age or older adults but this is not a specific age consider it inherited but it’s not always considered fundamentally a genetic disorder. Only few people tend to suffer from this ailment.

Causes of Achalasia

There are quite a lot of factors which are responsible for the occurrence of this disease. In some cases it is cause due to lack of relaxation of lower esophageal sphincter which usually relaxes during swallowing and in some cases it is cause due to damage done to the nerves of the esophagus. Parasite infection, esophagus cancer and inability of esophagus to move food towards the stomach also play extremely vital roles in triggering or sometimes originating Achalasia.

Symptoms of Achalasia

There are numerous symptoms associated with this disease which help a doctor diagnose it and recommend an appropriate medical treatment according to the nature and severity of the disease. The symptoms that aid the diagnosis are:

  • Backflow of food
  • Nerve Damage
  • Chest pain, which may increase after eating or may be felt in the back, neck, and arms
  • Coughing
  • Difficulties in wallowing liquids and solids
  • Severe heartburning
  • Weight loss

When to see the Doctor?

There are unlimited treatment options available all around the globe which actually claim to help you get rid of Achalasia within days but only a doctor can recommend which treatment is appropriate according to your condition so it’s really important to consult a doctor before you go for choosing a treatment option. It is also important to know when to see a doctor because not always the symptoms that you witness are representing Achalasia as often times severe heartburning, coughing or chest pain is due to some other reasons as well so you have to be watchful and realize when exactly it requires to be treated and when should you go to a doctor. Seek medical help as soon as you experience difficulty swallowing and pain associated with swallowing food which is unbearable and your symptoms that are mentioned above stay on for over a week. That is when only a medical practitioner can help.

There are various preventive measures that should be taken into account in order to prevent it from happening and also to aid the treatment for fast recovery once you are diagnosed with and have been recommended a treatment. These measures solely are not responsible for eliminating this disorder but they aid fast recovery and help prevent Achalasia from happening again in the future. You should be careful with what you eat because obviously during this condition one cannot eat properly due to the inappropriate functioning of the esophagus. You should take liquids instead of solid foods. Experts believe that many causes of the Achalasia are not avoidable but undergoing an appropriate treatment is very important to get rid of the disease and risk factors involved with it.

Our Formula

Our herbal formula that has been designed and planned by our experts has been well-researched and every ingredient that has been used in the manufacturing of this product is purely herbal. Our experts have identified the properties of various herbs and picked the ones that strongly have the capability to fight with the symptoms of Achalasia and improves the condition of the tube by regulating the food flow from mouth to the stomach. This herbal treatment has many benefits to offer and is one of its kinds because of the herbal characteristics of these natural herbs.

Why Us?

The top reason why you should prefer us over all other medical treatment available all around the globe is because we manufacture products that are 100% natural and we have had no complaints ever since we have been in operation. Our products are well-researched not by ordinary individuals but by professionals who exactly know which herbs is suitable for what disease.


The conclusion to the entire examination is that the herbal treatment formulated by our experts to fight Achalasia is one of its kinds and is a trusted herbal medicine worldwide without any side effects to other parts of the body.

Usage Instruction

This is herbal medicine full of herbs and is made in the form of pill. It is intended for oral use. It’s very easy to gulp it with water. In order to see the results rightly, you need to do the following:
Take normal dose which is two tablets each day immediately after a breakfast and dinner.
You got to fix two times for daily intake. You can choose your timings according to your choice but whatever you choose you have to stick to it. If you choose to have it after lunch then daily after lunch and after dinner you will have to take these pills.
There is no need to worry if, by any chance you have missed a dose, simply take it after the next meal but don’t make it a routine.
For excellent and long-term results be sure not to miss out the regular dose.
Be regular and see the results!

Ingredient Details

Based on their efficacy extracts from the followings herbs are combined together in specific quantities in the formula:

Cinnamonus Tamala 27.62 mg
Aracylus Pyrethrum 27.62 mg
Myristica Fragrans 27.62 mg
Asparagus Racemosus 27.62 mg
Mercuric Sulphide 27.62 mg
Bombax Malabaricum 27.62 mg
Tamarindus Indica 27.62 mg
Trianthema Portulacastrum 27.62 mg
Celastrus Paniculata 27.62 mg
Hygrophilla Spinosa 27.62 mg
Datura Alba 27.62 mg
Acacia Arabica 69.06 mg
Glycyrrhiza Glabra 34.53 mg
Argyreia Speciosa 34.53 mg
Hyoscyamus Niger 13.81 mg
Crocus Sativus 2.76 mg

Expected Details

You, must now be wondering on your own that what would be the results of using this medicine. Since we have mentioned earlier its herbal medicine which, is currently consumed by a lot of people suffering from this disease (Achalasia). This herbal product does not show results immediately so you have to be a little patient while using it. It does show amazing results but only after a while, after let’s say constant dosage of it for about two to three months. Don’t panic if you don’t see results within few days. It comes in a packing of 120 pills which is enough for 3 months regular intake. For severe cases you need to order one more bottle because severe condition of the disease can take more than 3 months to show results properly where you get rid of the ailment completely. Most obvious results will be seen after about 40 days and so is the money back guarantee of this product. Ideally you should start seeing results within 40 days.
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