Benign Essential Tremor

Benign Essential Tremor
Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, causes, diagnosis and natural herbal treatment of this movement disorder known as Benign Essential Tremor
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What is Benign Essential Tremor disease?
A tremor is a repetitive movement of body parts. Benign Essential Tremor is a neurological disorder associated with shaking of arms, hands or legs. It is also known as the movement disorder. 
Three types of tremors are concern with this disease. 
  1. Postural Tremor (shaking in certain position)
  2. Action Tremor (Shaking in Action)
  3. Rest Tremor (Shaking in Rest Position)
It can affect almost any part of body. It intensifies when one tries to use the affected muscles. It is distinct from Parkinson’s disease. It potentially disrupt daily activities. It may occur at any age.
Causes of Benign Essential Tremor disease:
It causes due to variety of physiological issues. The exact cause of benign essential tremor is not known, however it is noticed that genetic mutation caused this syndrome. Changes in specific areas of the brain contribute to essential tremor. Other causes includes change in temperature, hunger, caffeinated drinks, emotional anguish, suppress feeling, tiredness, and low energy. 
Symptoms of Benign Essential Tremor disease:
Certain symptoms will make this movement disorder noticeable, such as:
  • Uncontrollable shaking of brief periods of time
  • Anxiety
  • Trembling sensation
  • Uncontrollable movement at rest
  • Uncontrollable movement at action
  • Nodding head
  • Shaking voice
  • Tiredness
  • Worsen emotional stress
  • Trouble in motor skills
  • Hearing loss




Our Formula
Our formula is based on natural herbs. Herbal formula is the top choice in the world of planet remedies. We deliver the best to restore health of our clients. We have been in this business for years. Our products have been tested thoroughly. All ingredients used in the production of our products are natural.
Ingredients Detail:
Rheum Rhabarbarum 41.8mg
Indian Olibanum Tree 16.3mg
Torchwood Tree 12.3mg
Ginger 16.3mg
Operculina Turpelthum 142.5mg
Scammony 38mg
Usage Instructions:
Our prescriptions usage is as follows,
  •  Take one “Benign Essential Tremor” tablet after breakfast and one tablet after dinner daily.
  •  In case you have missed a dose, simply take it after the next meal.
  •  Be punctual in using the medicine and let’s see that, how our herbal medicine gives benefit to you without any harmful effect.
Expected Results:
Our herbal medicine against Benign Essential Tremor is contains on tablets. It intended for oral use. It is manufacturing to limited uncontrollable movements of body. It helps you to reduce emotional stress. It will able you to use your motor skills normally. It is available in a packing of one hundred and twenty pills which is enough for three months intake. Herbal prescription does not show results within few days. It show result within two months. In severe condition of disease expected results might be found in more than two months. There is no side effect of our herbal doses.
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