Eye Bags

Eye Bags
What are causes of bags under eyes, what are their symptoms and how to get rid of under eye bags or puffy eyes for treatment and remedies
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Eye bags is are mild kind of swelling under the eyes which worsens as we age. Muscles supporting eyelids and tissues around the eyes when weaken they give way to these bags giving an overall impression of tiredness on your face.

Key Facts

  • Painless, mild swelling under the eyes.
  • Fat that normally supports the eyes usually wanders under the eyelids making them appear puffy.
  • Accumulation of fluid in the puffy swelling is also common in the formation of eye bags.
  • It is not under normal circumstances a cause of serious concern and usually it is considered a cosmetic distress.
  • There are several at home and over the counter remedies available to get rid of the puffiness around the eyes terms as eye bags.
  • Area under the eyes is the thinnest and the most sensitive which is easily affected by inflow and outflow of the fluids.
  • Having excess salt in your dinner can cause the formation of these eye bags overnight which subsides on its own within few hours after getting up.
  • Dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have a line-up of ladies worried about their eye bags as you know women are more conscious than men about their beauty.

Causes of Eye Bags

There are several eye bags causes that are responsible for the puffiness and unwanted swelling around the eyes.  Some of the most common ones include:

  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Long term use of contact lenses.
  • Excess salt intake.
  • Alcohol and tobacco usage.
  • Allergic reactions.
  • Sinus infections.
  • Skin disorder such as dermatitis.
  • Poor diet.
  • Stress.
  • Normal aging process.
  • Hormonal variations.
  • Excess crying.
  • Sleeping right after consuming a lot of water.

Symptoms of Eye Bags

Eye bags are normally identified simply if you notice puffiness and mild swelling around the eyes especially under the eyelids but still there are some more symptoms linked to this cosmetic problem. These eye bags symptoms include:

  • Blurry Vision.
  • Mild swelling around the eyes.
  • Puffiness.
  • Redness in rare cases.


We have been trying our best to come up with something that can help eradicate Eye bags so that people can enjoy hassle free early morning make overs  without having to waste time to camouflage the eye bags. Since it is the most sensitive area of the entire skin it has to be dealt with extreme care. It can be a nuisance especially for the working ladies and for those who are constantly struggling with this issue.  We heard it and therefore decided to come up with something that can actually help you get rid of this unwanted puffiness so that you can get ready hassle free without having to worry about the eye bags that take a while to subside after you get up. We decided to go all herbal because that is one thing that does not have any side effects even if it doesn’t work out to eliminate the abnormality completely. Here’s an answer to the one question that might pop in a lot of people’s minds once they make up their mind a tad bit.

What is so special about our formula?

  • Considerably reduces swelling and puffiness around the eyes.
  • Kicks away redness or itching if any.
  • Helps you get rid of the dark circles over a period of time.
  • Purely herbal.
  • Free of side effects.
  • Easy to consume.
  • Produced after conducting details research on ingredients used.
  • Free of chemicals.
  • Long lasting results.
  • Administered by 5 experts in herbal science.

Ingredients used

Based on their proven effectiveness extracts from the following herbs have been pooled together in explicit quantities determined by experts:

  • Fevernut
  • Rhubarb
  • Indian Long Pepper
  • Calcium sulphate
  • Gulancha

What to Expect?

The results of this formula for eye bags reduction start appearing in very early stages like usually within a week or 2 weeks’ time but once the routine is complete and you have reached a milestone of almost 2 to 3 months you will begin noticing the real change. You will start noticing clearer skin under the eyes without any sign of dark circles or any puffiness that previously was there every single day you used to get up.

  • The herbal pill is intended for oral use only.
  • Take 2 tablets each day in the morning after breakfast and evening after dinner.
  • Fix times for daily intake and follow precisely.
  • Be regular to witness the most outstanding results. 

Here we have some old school tips compiled for you to take advantage from. We will keep updating them as soon as we come up with something new through experiment. In the meanwhile read and follow these:

  • Drink a lot of water during the day to flush out excess salt that you might have consumed while eating out or you may have loaded up on your favorite Chinese cuisine last night before going to bed.
  • Stay away from coffee and alcohol because they make you dehydrated thereby causing the formation of eye bags.
  • Put nicely cut round slices of cucumber on your eyes for about 20 minutes and see the magic.
  • If you don’t have cucumbers available then put green tea bags in freezer for about half an hour and put them on your eyes to enjoy the soothing effect along with a nice at home handling of the eye bags.
  • To instantly camouflage the puffiness for something urgent try to use a bit of concealer one tone lighter than your skin on the affected area.
  • Apply cold Aloe Vera around the eyes before sleeping and voila! The next day you get up you would be amazed that the eye bags are gone but they can come back during anytime of the day due to tiredness or poor diet.
  • Treat your sinus allergies by staying away from dust and any such irritant that can cause massive sneezing.
  • Moisturize your face every night with a homemade glycerin and rose water moisturizer that has no side effects linked to it.
  • Sprinkle some rose water on your eyes from time to time on a tiring day.


  • All these tips will keep you motivated and make you feel good about yourself while you are still undergoing the Eye bags management routine with our herbal pills.
  • These tips and tricks are by no means a replacement of our herbal pills or any other prescribed medication.
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