Melasma Causes

Melasma is very common skin disease. It can happen to any person, but young women with brownish tone are more likely to contract with it. The condition is often linked with female hormonal changes. Change in level of estrogen and progesterone may cause melasma.

  •     Sun exposure is one more possible factor that can cause melasma. Those who live in hot climates are more prone to have melasma.
  •     Oral contraceptive or hormone replacement therapy can cause dark patches on the skin.
  •     Genetic predisposition may give rise to darkening of the skin
  •     In patients diagnosed with thyroid are also prone to have melasma.

Overproduction of melanocyte-stimulating hormone due to stress can cause darkening of the skin and cause melasma. Allergic reaction due to medicines or cosmetic products, in rare cases, induces melasma. In Addison’s ailment, melasma is observed as one of the symptoms.
Some who experience hormone-induced hyperpigmentation, which can also be caused by progesterone, notice that the discoloration ends once hormone levels stabilize; others need Medical Treatment for Melasma to even out their skin.