Melasma Treatment Cream

When it comes to treating melasma, there are many creams and Best Treatment for Melasma that you can use to cure or reduce melasma hyperpigmentation on your face. Unfortunately, what works for one female will not work for all.

Hydroquinone is one of the most popular forms of melasma creams and comes highly suggested by many skin care experts. It is however; also controversial as several countries believe HQ a carcinogen, therefore it is banned in several countries. Hydroquinone is composed of ingredients which inhibit the tyrosine in your skin from producing melanin. Overproduction of melanin is what reasons the dark spots of melasma to show on one’s face.

Hydroquinone can only be used for small periods of time, as it has been known to have a negative side effect called ochronosis. This side effect causes more permanent darkening of the skin.
Hydroquinone comes in different doses from 0.1 %-6%. In the United States, you presently need a recommendation from a physician in order to get HQ in doses of more than 2%. You can find lower dose creams containing hydroquinone. Porcelain is one of the more common creams containing HQ available over the counter.