Melasma Treatments that Work

As the age grows, age spots grow over the skin of some of the exacting portion of the body like face, hand and arms just like tiny freckles easily visible over it. Melasma is also a type of age spot, but this exact condition do appear like a larger brown patches on the sun-exposed areas and turn it into dark skin. Melasma where brown spots appear on the skin can be healing through natural means. Melasma Natural Treatment is the best method to help those suffering from melasma. Some of the best natural remedies for curing melasma are lemon juice, honey and almond paste, oatmeal and oil mixture, turmeric and aloe vera.

These remedies are best because they are non toxic and they do not cause any side effects. Natural remedies have another advantage as well. They can be used with ease and rapidity for further severe cases. Melasma can be caused by a different of reasons and it can be treated through a multitude of ways as well. In this article, we will explore some of the best natural cures for melasma.

Oatmeal is excellent for skin exfoliation. Therefore it is a great method to cure melasma. You can combine one cup of oatmeal in one cup of milk. Grind the oatmeal so that it becomes paste. You can apply the mixture directly on your skin. Leaving it on for about 1 minute ensures that the mixture lightens the skin in the affected areas. Oatmeal and milk mixture is best for curing melasma.