Blepharitis Treatment over the Counter

Blepharitis is an eye infection that causes the eyelids to swell up extremely. The condition usually arises when the oil glands located at the base of the eyelashes malfunction.
And in addition to causing inflammation, the condition leads to other troublesome symptoms like redness, burning/itching sensation, crusting a thin film that grow at the base of eyelashes, tearing usually frothy, inability to see clearly in the daylight increased sensitivity and the feeling of a foreign particle present inside the eye.

Blepharitis being an inflammation will cause the secretion of mucus so the first step is to clear the area of mucus wholly. Any topical application should be done using a cotton swab while the eye is closed and just before going to bed at night, as there should be no problem with unclear vision because of the treatment. During Blepharitis Treatment, it is important to maintain good eye care practices like avoiding any kind of pollutant particles from attainment the eye. Cleaning the perimeter of the eye properly is equally important to stop any bacteria in the nearby area from invading the eyelids.