Inclusion Body Myositis Clinical Trials

We reviewed the verification from clinical trials about the effects of drug treatments for inclusion body myositis. We did not consist of trials of exercise or management of swallowing difficulties, as these are subjects of other Cochrane reviews.

Inclusion body myositis is a disease that mostly affects older people. The main symptoms are increasing muscle wasting and weakness of the arms and legs. Some people experience swallowing difficulties. As however no therapy has been shown to alter the course of the disease. Inclusion Body Myositis Treatment Options that have been tested include agents that suppress or alter the immune response, drugs that help muscle growth, and antioxidants.

Due to their small size and short period, the trials we studied were normally unable to give definitive answers as to whether the treatments tested were successful or unsuccessful. All of the interventions we studied had several adverse effects and are known to cause potentially serious unhelpful events. We need larger trials of longer duration, using robust ways of measuring the effects of treatments that are meaningful to people with inclusion body myositis. Agreeing on common trial measurements will also make it easier to compare trial results and assess potential treatments.