Actinic Keratosis treatment apple cider vinegar

Once your family doctor has confirmed your Actinic Keratosis diagnosis, you can take steps to help get rid of the spots. Along with whatever treatment you doctor recommend; some natural remedies you can try to help get rid of the makeup aspect of the spots: the rough, scaly, stained patches of skin. Apple cider vinegar, the magic Treatment for Actinic Keratosis. This all-star vinegar cures many diseases, particularly of this skin. By dabbing a bit of apple cider vinegar directly onto the affected area, you’ll be competent to resolve your actinic keratosis within time.

Just soak a cotton ball in apple cider vinegar and place directly onto the affected spot and then cover with an airtight, waterproof dressing. Wear this cover overnight and remove when you wake up. During cure, the bump or area may appear white at first, but over time, the acidic content of the apple cider vinegar will help to remove the bump within three weeks.