Emphysema Prevention

If emphysema is recognized early, much can be complete to prevent or even reverse its development. Smokers must be helped to stop smoking, and early, aggressive therapy with bronchodilators should be instituted. By preventing emphysema, the desperate cost of progressive respiratory deficiency and limitation of the pleasurable activities of regular living can be avoided.

One of the most important things you can do to keep away from emphysema is to not smoke cigarettes. If you smoke, it is not also late to quit. Some kinds of damage can be repaired. Your lungs will improve if you quit smoking now. Quitting smoking has established health benefits, even at a late age. When an older person quits smoking, circulation improves instantly, and the lungs begin to repair some kinds of damage.

You should try to keep away from air pollution and other environmental conditions, which may damage the lungs. Damage caused by pollutants can also be reversed by avoiding the cause and by treatment. Once lung injure has progressed to emphysema, it cannot be wholly reversed. Progression of the disease can only be delayed with treatment. While Emphysema Treatment can help make the person feel better, the main purpose then is to slow further loss of lung function.