Prognosis of Emphysema

Emphysema is one of the major diseases included in the diagnosis “constant obstructive pulmonary ailment,” or COPD. The other is chronic bronchitis. Most people with COPD have a combination of both. Several people have generally chronic bronchitis, while others have mostly emphysema. In most cases, COPD is a disease caused by cigarette smoking.

COPD progression varies wholly. Approximately all smokers show some degree of lung damage, but only several smokers develop full-fledged. Some people may not be diagnosed with COPD until they’ve reached a higher stage. Several factors, including how much a someone smoked, other kinds of exposures, and person genetic make up help determine how severe a person’s COPD will become and how speedily it will progress.

Treatment of Emphysema for people includes inhaled bronchodilators, which are safe and helpful for most people. In patients with lung function below 50% of normal, inhaled steroids may be useful. When hypoxemic respiratory failure or cor pulmonale is present, oxygen therapy can get better activity levels and lead to longer survival. Pulmonary treatment, a specific exercise program, is extremely helpful to many people with COPD. Some patients, especially those with extensive emphysema.