Symptoms of Vitiligo

Vitiligo develops slowly. Symptoms of Vitiligo does not have unique to it alone thus you can just rely on signs. This is regularly the occurrence of little white spots on the sections of the skin. These little white spots later grow in diameter and as more pigmentation is lost become big white patches on skin. The growth of these white patches cannot be predicted as to how quick and how far it will spread. Symptoms of vitiligo increase the chance of sunburn and the growth of skin cancer in people with the condition.

General Pattern or non-segmental Vitiligo:

The most general form, describe by white patches that are a lot symmetrical appearing on both sides of the body. White patches may enhance in size over age of time.

Segmental Vitiligo

Often describe by a white patches appearing on one side of the body.

Focal Vitiligo:

Characterize by a small number of white patches or single white patches appearing on a localized area of the body.