Vitiligo Prognosis

The course of vitiligo varies and is unpredictable. Some areas may recover normal pigment, but other new areas of pigment loss may appear. Skin that is repigmented may be somewhat lighter or darker than the near skin. Pigment loss may get worse over time. Lesions on the face, trunk responds to a greater extent than lesions on extremities with lesions on hands and feet having the least favorable Vitiligo Prognosis.

Vitiligo has an unpredictable course and that its prognosis may not always be hopeful. Patients need to keep good general health and a balanced nutritious diet enriched with enough proteins, vitamins B-complex and E, and minerals, copper, zinc, and iron. When first seeing a patient, it is of main importance to differentiate between these 2 forms, as these are quite different in terms of prognosis, development, and response to Treatment of Vitiligo patterns.