Alopecia Areata Treatment Garlic

Alopecia Areata is hair conditions that cause loss of hair from all over the body and the particular hairless spots on the scalp. This common disease is often connected with autoimmune disease; that is the immune system of the individual attacks his own body. In this case, the immune system attacks one’s hair follicles in which causes hair loss. Alopecia Areata can be acquired by both male and female in any age. The possibility of having this skin problem much increases if a person comes from a family with relative autoimmune disorders such as lupus, thyroid disease and diabetes.

Alopecia Areata Treatments which are all scientifically proven in promoting hair growth both natural and chemical. There are a few medical treatments for this condition, but we believe that nature knows greatest, so here you have a natural Treatment for Hair Loss. If you suffer from Alopecia due to severe stress, then this natural remedy is what you need. Alopecia areata treatment with garlic and rub its juice on the affected areas with circular motions until there’s no more juice coming out. Notch the garlic again and continue massaging the areas.