Natural Herbs for Alopecia

Baldness is one of the most common hair problems faced by men mostly. It is really a condition, in which a person has no or very less hair on the head. Its technical name is alopecia. The extreme form of alopecia or baldness is alopecia totalis, in which, man tend to lose overall head hair. In common conditions, it is referred as hair loss. It is believed that human loses more or less 250 strands though washing them.

To reduce hair loss, lots of people normally visit a doctor or try some surgeries. But, these surgeries and hair treatments are very costly. Instead of investing a huge amount of money in surgeries, try some Natural Herbs for Alopecia, which are simple to apply. Just go through the following natural herbal remedies to stop hair loss.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are very successful in treating hair loss. All you need to do is to crush some fenugreek seeds to form a smooth paste. Apply this paste on your scalp, particularly bald patches. Leave it for one hour. During this one hour, scalp will absorb the paste of fenugreek seeds. Rinse it with water.


One of the most curable herbal plants is neem. It is most commonly utilize for treating lots of skin problems, as well as hair problems. For curing hair loss, you are required to make a paste of neem leaf powder. Mix some Natural Herbs of neem leaf powder in some fresh aloe vera juice. Add some drops of herbal amla in it and stir it well. Apply neem herbal paste on hair roots, covering the affected area. After 30 minutes, wash it with water. For experiencing best results, practice this method twice a week.

However, some of the Herbs for Alopecia hair loss suggested on Natural Herbs Clinic page may be useful in certain situations and, personally, we like to try to exhaust all the natural solutions to hair loss issues before resorting to more expensive treatments!