Bell's Palsy Treatment Facial Exercises

Bell's palsy involves irritation to the seventh cranial nerve. Facial muscle movements are controlled by this nerve, and when irritated may possibly result in weakness or paralysis of the facial muscles. In most cases, only one side of the face is affected, and the happening of left or right side palsy is about equal and remains equal for recurrences.

The common of Bell’s palsy cases will resolve without involvement or exercise. Patience is more important during recovery than almost to exercise muscles that are likely to return to full function without help. Some cases will result in incomplete healing or leave residuals. These exercises are not meant to replace a modified program under the supervision of a specialized facial retraining therapist If you feel you need professional help, do not hesitate to get it. Massage and facial exercises are an effective Best Treatment for Bell's Palsy to help prevent the facial muscles from shrinking.

Facial paralysis can be temporary or enduring. After approximately six months, most Bell’s palsy patients, for example, will get better absolutely. Stroke victims and trauma victims, though, often have to undergo Treatment for Bell's Palsy for months or even years. Even with surgery and steroids, some patients only make partial recoveries and are forced to live with crooked smiles, facial tics, and other abnormalities. For constant cases, massage therapy, physical therapy, and facial exercises are all used to get better excellence of life. In some cases, facial exercises have been shown to attain incredible results in a matter of weeks.