Essential Tremor Diet

Prior to discussing any diet programme for benign essential tremor I recommend to my clients to start with a detox or elimination diet for Benign Essential Tremor Treatment without medically methods.  The purpose of it is to try and isolate any nutritional causes which may be underlying the symptom.

Mediterranean diet includes fresh, natural whole foods and lots of fish, Olive oil, nuts and a little wine.  In a study done through the National Institutes of Health in the USA, the Mediterranean diet was found to really help people with essential tremor.  The Mediterranean diet is to be found on the food pyramid in this way.

Meats and sweets at the top in the smallest triangle, poultry, eggs and yogurt, then fish and seafood, then in the largest category is fruits, vegetables, grains, olive oil, beans, nuts, seeds, legumes, herbs and spices. This variety of diet is not only good for a normal, healthy individual, if it really does this, then it is likely that it would also be extremely helpful for someone with benign essential tremor.

Correlation has been shown between a Mediterranean diet outline and a lower incidence of essential tremor. Reduced body mass is a common problem with essential tremor, likely because of the energy spent in non-productive muscle movement. One research group suggested that doctors pay more attention to this and encourage suitable nutritional intake in persons with benign essential tremor. There may be an interesting conflict in this observation, in that persons who are usually trying to gain weight tend to eat more protein and red meat intake was recently connected with a greater degree of tremor severity in men.  Even though there is research suggesting that the blood components connected with benign essential tremor and red meat use don't consistently explain the origin of tremors, it is only common sense that eating more fish and less red meat, more fruits and vegetables and healthy fats cannot hurt!