Bronchiectasis Causes

Prior to the introduction of extensive immunisations programs, bronchiectasis often occurred as the effect of infection with measles or whooping cough.
Currently bronchiectasis generally occurs as the result of a disease such as pneumonia approximately 25% of all cases. Other causes include:

  •     Cystic fibrosis
  •     Immune deficiency
  •     Recurrent aspiration of fluid into the lungs
  •     Inhalation of a foreign object into the lungs
  •     Inhalation of harmful chemicals eg: ammonia
  •     In rare cases it may be congenital

In numerous cases the fundamental cause of the condition is unable to be well-known. Bronchiectasis is constant conditions that need lifelong maintenance. Good organization of the condition is very important to prevent ongoing damage to the lungs and worsening of the condition.  The ultimate goal of Bronchiectasis Treatment Natural is to clear mucus from the chest and prevent further damage to the lungs.