Bronchiectasis Treatment Guidelines

Bronchiectasis is a rare condition where the airways leading to the lungs become damaged. The effect of bronchiectasis is enlargement of the bronchial tubes, loss of elasticity, scarring, and destruction of cilia instrumental in protecting the lungs from dust, bacteria, and excess mucus. With these protective mechanisms disabled, severe constant infections effect. Bronchiectasis leads to serious health conditions, for example respiratory failure and congestive heart failure.

Most physicians suggest mucus clearance as the mainstay of therapy in bronchiectasis. Consensus guidelines suggest that all patients with bronchiectasis receive several instructions in physiotherapy, even if for extremely mild patients, they only perform physiotherapy during exacerbations. There are wide choices of method and, in the author's opinion, the preferred method should be tailored to the patient preference, taking into explanation that simple and quicker method will encourage patient adherence.

Bronchiectasis Treatment can place a large burden on patients in conditions of time, and can have serious side effects for both the patient, and for the community in terms of antibiotic resistance. Hence, patients require treatment suitable to their stage and severity of disease.