Costochondritis Cure

Treatment for costochondritis with chiropractic certainly helps diminish the pain but may not cure the condition. The effective Treatment for Costochondritis involves a gentle anterior thoracic chiropractic change, and soft tissue treatment along the course of the intercostal nerve and the rib at the costochondral junction.

Because the condition may as well affect the clavicular sternal joint, mobilisation of the collarbone and the AC may be essential. Alternating ice and heat treatment in the shower should be done every day.

An ice block, directly on the costochondritis pain spots, followed by hot water is perfect. Then using a little cream, massaging between the ribs at the junction with the sternum is particularly relieving.

Most cases of this condition are treated with Costochondritis Natural Treatment. It is not possible to prevent chest pain completely, but with the following steps you can avoid it:

  • Avoid strenuous activities.
  • Finally make sure your teen gets plenty of rest.
  • You can put warm or cold pack on the sore area of your child to feel better.
  • If the chest pain is due to muscle strain your child should avoid weight lifting.
  • Treatment depends on the cause of chest pain. It is imperative that you must follow your doctor’s instruction.
  • Medicine like Tylenol, Ibuprofen can be offered to teenager.
  • Strain caused by school bag can be lessening by carrying it on both the shoulders and not on one side.

If you are concerned about pain that’s not going away visit your doctor. Your doctor may tell you to make enduring lifestyle changes if you have persistent and constant costochondritis.