What Causes Costochondritis

It is not always identified what causes costochondritis. Some possibilities include an infection a disease that causes inflammation in the chest region, a traumatic injury to the chest muscles, and recent chest or heart surgery. A virus that affects the ability to breathe can lead to costochondritis as the individual may strain while coughing. As well, the virus may directly cause the rib cartilage to be inflamed. Chest or heart surgery can make it more possible for the rib cartilage to become infected with bacteria. If infection after chest surgery is the cause, there will be redness, swelling, otherwise pus located at the surgery site. Pus is a yellow and green creamy substance sometimes found at the site of infections.

Costochondritis normally gets improved after a few weeks, but there are a few natural ways to help manage the symptoms. Costochondritis Alternative Treatment includes:

Menthol Sports Rubs: Sports rubs or chest rubs with menthol can relax the muscles, speed up the healing process and get better blood flow to the affected area.

Cough Medicine: Cough suppressants are helpful when the chest wall pain progresses from a viral infection to a persistent cough.

Heat and Ice Packs: Apply heat and ice packs to the chest area to diminish breast bone pain and relax the muscles around the shoulders and chest wall.

Acupuncture: The needles could potentially help get better blood flow to the affected areas. Though there are no clinical studies that confirm acupuncture can reduce symptoms, some people do find relief.