What is Costochondritis?

Costochondritis is a medical disorder/illness in which irritation of the intersections of the upper ribs that link the cartilage is experienced. This sort of illness usually causes extreme pain and severe aches from time to time in the areas of chest. This disorder gives a person the feeling that you can emulate by approaching on the convoluted cartilage in the anterior of the rib cage. It does not fall into the chronic category and is usually mild in certain cases or in earlier stages. It is usually identified by just the chest pain which stays for a while and then disappears as times passes. In extremely severe cases where it gets totally out of control what happens is that it causes pain in chest for longer periods of times which does not go even after resting properly. Sometimes people think of it as angina in heart disease because it also causes difficulty in breathing in extreme cases. In cases where inflammation in the painful area occurs doctors make a diagnosis as Tietze syndrome a disorder in which the irritated area of the inflamed cartilage may be tender to the touch, and the skin spread over the surface the cartilage gets reddened and swollen.