Delayed Ejaculation Pills

If you have never ejaculated through any form of stimulation, see an urologist to determine if the problem has a physical cause. Delayed ejaculation treatment depends on the underlying cause, but may include taking a medicine or making changes to medications you currently take, undergoing psychological counseling, or addressing alcohol abuse or illegal drug use.

If you are taking medication that may be causing delayed ejaculation, reducing the dose of a medication or switching medications may fix the problem. Sometimes, adding a prescription medication may help.

There are not any medicines that have been specifically approved for the Treatment of Delayed Ejaculation. Medications used to treat delayed ejaculation are used primarily to treat other conditions.
Medications sometimes used to treat delayed ejaculation contain:

  • Medication modifications. A change of antidepressant medications/SSRI may be required. This has to be done under supervision of a doctor.
  • Vibrator or electrical encouragement of the penis or via the rectum. This can be used for men who want a baby and who are not capable to ejaculate, which would be referred to as anejaculation.
  • Sex Counselling/Therapy

Please consult your doctor if you want to modify or keep away from another medication associated with delayed ejaculation.