Flatulence at Night

One of the most usual causes of stomach gas pain at night is the dread midnight snack. Indigestion indications can consist of an attack of increased gas creation and when indigestion strikes as the result of a late night munch fest, the result can be bedtime gassiness. Other symptoms of indigestion are bloating and cramping and, when combined with the pressure and fullness that can come with a gas filled gut, the discomfort can make falling asleep difficult. Stomach gas pain is one of the most common indications of indigestion, and therefore not eating right before bed and stay away from foods that can trigger indigestion symptoms before time for sleep can be helpful in staving off regular bouts of bedtime gas.

Treatment of gas at nighttime is no unusual than at any other point during the day thanks to the safe and very fast acting simethicone based over the counter stomach Flatulence Treatment Natural available. Points out that there are no known side effects to simethicone, the active component in many gas relief medications. Products like Gas-X Thin Strips provide help within minutes, and drops designed for infants are nearly similarly successful.