Granuloma Annulare Symptoms

Granuloma Annulare is a skin condition that is describe by harmless lesions on the surface of the skin. They generally form circular patterns on the hands and feet, but can show on your face and neck. These lesions are rather harmless, unless they become large enough to challenge your self esteem and confidence. These red bumps may show suddenly but disappear in time.
Generally when a person has granuloma annulare there’re no symptoms and they will go ignored but they do have some common characteristics.  Each type has their own symptoms and size of the bump.

  •     Mild itching but not in all people
  •     The skin is also a reddish color or the color of your skin and appears to be a rash at first
  •     The marks on your skin look like insect bites
  •     The bumps are smooth, round and small and development to lesions
  •     There are raised lesions or bumps that can link together to form patterns of a ring that looks like a ringworm infection.  Inside the ring the skin is clear.
  •     The bumps are normally less than a half inch in diameter.

Localized granuloma annulare symptoms

  •     Lesion diameter can be up to two inches
  •     Lesion borders have a semicircular or circular shape

Generalized granuloma annulare symptoms

  •     Itches
  •     Lesions are smaller

Subcutaneous granuloma annulare symptoms

  •     It produces a firm bump instead of a rash under your skin
  •     The bump is less than one point five inches in diameter

This skin infection poses no health problems so there is no require treating it but many people choose for Treatment of Granuloma Annulare because it is unsightly.  They do it for cosmetic reasons.  The skin lesions will usually go away on their own within a few of years.