Graves’ Disease Natural Treatment

Graves' eye disease, also known as thyroid eye disease, is an autoimmune condition in which immune cells attack the thyroid gland which responds by secreting an excess amount of thyroid hormone. As a result, the thyroid gland increase and excess hormones increase metabolism. The hypermetabolic state is characterized by fast heartbeat, palpitations, high blood pressure, profuse sweating, fatigue, weight loss, irritability, heat intolerance, and loss of hair and alterations in hair quality. When the immune system attacks the tissues around the eyes, it causes the eye muscles or fat to enlarge.

Graves’ diseases can also cause eye related problems where eye-lids becomes inflamed and there is a swelling effect. It can also cause bulging problem leading to discomfort in the eyes. Best Treatment For Graves’ Diseases includes medications prescribed by doctors mostly drugs or radioactive iodine surgery. But there are several side effects to radioactive iodine treatment.

A lot of people look for Alternative Treatments for Graves’ Disease. It has been seen that natural treatments has helped a lot of people in curing the symptoms and restoring their health conditions.

Naturally treated procedures have benefitted a lot of people and they have achieved great success in reducing grave diseases concerns.

A person suffering from Graves’ diseases should be careful on her nutritional intake. A person suffering from grave diseases should be increasing his iodine intake. The individual should be taking foods which are rich in vitamins such as vitamins B and D.

Even Goitrogenic foods helps in natural slow down method of thyroid production. Gitrogenic foods include brussels sprouts, millet, cabbage, cauliflower, kale, soy, peas, radishes, turnip greens, mustard greens, collard greens, spinach etc.