Graves’ Disease Treatment Guidelines

Graves’ eye disease is an eye condition that happens in about 50% of patients who currently have, or have had Graves’ hyperthyroidism if eyelid changes are included. The percentage is somewhat higher if sensitive methods such as orbital computed tomography are used. Such an approach is however not necessary in most patients. Approximately 10% of patients who have this eye disorder never expand hyperthyroidism. The reasons for the connection of hyperthyroidism with the eye disease are not completely understood. Fortunately only 5% of patients will have a severe form.

Usually, the treatment for Graves’ disease has been surgery, but new findings from Loyola University have exposed that adopting a gluten-free diet with lots of vegetables may just recover the symptoms of Graves’ eye disease and allow someone with the disease to see clearly again. Some patients have reported that adopting the diet has eased their symptoms, almost completely eliminating eye bulging.

If you suffer from eye condition, there are Graves’ Disease Natural Treatment Options and other steps you can take to improve your symptom. Stress can aggravate the symptoms of Graves’ disease.

Finding a method to relieve stress, be it going for a walk, having a hot bath, or listening to music, is an outstanding way to avoid having symptoms develop worse.