Natural Herbs for Graves’ Disease

Patients with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune disorder that normally affects the thyroid gland, may also experience Graves’ eye disease, or Graves’ ophthalmopathy as it’s also recognized, which causes bulging eyes and the doubling of vision due to the ailment attacking the muscles nearby the eyes. This condition is present in about half of all Graves' Disease patients.

As surgery and medicine mostly purpose the thyroid gland itself, and not essentially the cause of the condition sometimes the weak immune system, deficiency in nutrition, etc. deprived digestional abilities, these days, even the doctors are looking toward the natural ways to treat the patients of Graves’ disease. But natural herbal remedies and Natural Herbs are not a potent option for everyone. One should discuss with his/her doctor and then he/she may help her prefer the right medication by knowing what other conditions he or she faces.


This natural root has properties to combat the inflammation. You must talk about, with your doctor, the possibility of using ginger as a treatment for your condition; he/she may also be able to help, to determine the dosage needed for the treatment. Normally, an average dose may vary from 75 to 2000 mg a day. If you are not comfortable in taking ginger in its root form, there are other another, as capsules, oils, etc.

Valerian Roots

This herb is mostly known to have abilities to relax the muscles, help in sleep, and help in nervousness. It essentially does the work of medical painkillers/relievers, without the side effects of grogginess and drowsiness, in the following day. A daily dose, taken an hour before sleep, of 500-1000 mg, is recommended by a leading health magazine.


Natural Herbs for  Graves’ Disease are also in constant use by the herbalists, to bring down some other symptoms of the Graves’ disease. It aim in curing the heart palpitations, high cholesterol, irregular pulse,  and some other heart symptoms. Take the herb in a consideration of 2 gm preferably in tea, a total of 3 times in a day. This does not have any side effects.

Passion Flower

A native to the US, it works somewhat like a Valerian root. It helps in relaxing the muscles in the body of the person, slow down the heart rate, etc. This is used to help the patients in their situation of insomnia, trembling hands, confusion, etc.; and is mostly used with Valerian roots.

Sometimes a little tweak in our daily dietary habits is all it takes to start the treat of a particular disease. And the best part of it is that, it’s in our hands. So, if you actually want the Graves’ disease out of your system for good, like right from the roots, go for the natural remedies and Herbs for  Graves’ Disease after consulting your doctor and change your food habits just sufficient to let your body get a head start.