Symptoms of Graves' Disease

The most common and telltale symptoms of Graves' disease that help doctors decide the proper treatment are:

·         Feelings of nervousness and anxiety

·         Irritable mood

·         Trouble falling asleep

·         Feeling drained and tired

·         The heartbeat becomes rapid or irregular

·         Tremors occur in the hands or fingers

·         Increased perspiration or the skin becoming warm and moist

·         Sensitivity to heat

·         Loss of weight despite eating habits being normal

·         Thyroid gland starts getting bigger (goiter)

·         Menstrual cycles change

·         Difficulties maintaining and having an erection

·         Diminished sex drive

·         Bowel movements become irregular

·         Diarrhea

·         In severe cases  the eyes may get bulged

·         The shins or tops of the feet develop thick, red skin while generally other areas are unaffected