What is Graves' disease?

Graves' disease is generally characterized as an autoimmune disorder which is caused due to excessive production of thyroid hormones. Serious metabolic imbalance in the body that further causes hyperthyroidism results in the occurrence of this disorder. What happens in this sort of medical condition is that antibodies circulate in the body and thyroid stimulating immunoglobulins also known as TSIs stimulate thyrotropin receptors result in breeding of thyroid glands and causes thyroid follicles to increase the production of thyroid hormone. In other words Graves' disease is also known as autoimmune thyroid disorder which can further lead to dysfunction of numerous organs in the body. It is not something that can be taken lightly because it causes organ failure in some cases which leads to death of the patient. It has to be treated as soon as it is diagnosed. In the earlier stages it is not fatal but if not treated in time it can take away lives.