Grover's Disease Natural Remedies

Grover’s disease is a skin disorder which generally affects the back and chest of someone, usually an aged male. Furthermore referred by other medical name for example transient acantholytic dermatosis, Grover’s disease is not a serious skin disorder. But at the same time it can make those affected seriously painful due to itching.

Treatment for Grover’s Disease

Grover’s disease is not life threatening, but frequently the extraordinary itching on back and chest can be uncomfortable. The most important aim of is to alleviate itching and discomfort. Grover's Disease Treatment Include;

  • Patient suffering from this disease must keep away from sweating. This is because sweating may aggravate itching and lead to appearance of many other red bumps. It may also complicate the matter further and initiate growth of dermatitis. Patient should stay in cool place or do not over strain physically and avoid sweating.
  • Anti histamines and local application of steroid ointments may help to alleviate itching.
  • In additional obstinate cases, doctors may think of using photo therapy. While the use of Ultraviolet rays in photo-therapy may be creative in few cases, it has to be used with precaution as one of the causes for Grover’s disease is thought to be sun damage.
  • Apply olive oil or Coconut Oil or castor oil if your skin is dry and if that is the cause for itching. Oil is good moisturizer.
  • Take shower quickly possible after you have sweat profusely as it will avoid blocking the sweat glands and then apply coconut oil on the affected area.