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Hand Tremors is an unintentional, rhythmic muscle movement involving to-and-fro movements (oscillations) of one or more parts of the body. It is the most common of all involuntary movements and can affect the hands, arms, head, face, voice, trunk, and legs. Most tremors occur in the hands.

What is Hand Tremors?

Hand Tremors is an involuntary, rhythmic muscle contraction leading to shaking movements in one or more parts of the body.  It is a common movement disorder that most often affects the hands but can also occur in the arms, head, vocal cords, torso, and legs. Hand Tremors may be intermittent (occurring at separate times, with breaks) or constant.  It can occur sporadically (on its own) or happen as a result of another disorder.

Hand Tremors is rarely present when the hands are not being used. It becomes most apparent when the affected person is trying to do something, like reaching for an object or writing. It is not caused by an underlying disease. Essential tremor is rarely present when the hands are not being used. Hand Tremors becomes most apparent when the affected person is trying to do something, like reaching for an object or writing. It is not caused by an underlying disease.

Basically Hand Tremors can be treated by synthetic prescription medications or even surgery if needed; however, some of the best Hand Tremors Herbal Treatment can be utilized relying on the doctors’ consultation to help reduce shaking. Herbal treatment is to diminish symptoms and deal with your condition in a better way.

Key Facts of Hand Tremors

  • Hand Tremors are a sickness which causes the muscles of the hands to move automatically
  • When hand tremors occur they cause trembling, shaking, and unpredictable developments of the hands
  • There are fundamentally two sorts of hand tremors

   o    Rest tremors - Tremors that happen when the body is in resting state and no development is occurring
   o    Action tremors – Tremors that happen when the body is moving and performing an action.

  • Hand tremors can massively influence the personal satisfaction of the patient on the grounds that they frequently bring about a powerlessness to do basic regular exercises, for example, written work, grasping and holding things, consuming with the hands, and so on
  • They ought to be dealt with quickly under the supervision of therapeutic experts

Causes of Hand Tremors

Generally Hand Tremors is caused by a difficult in the deep parts of the brain that control movements. Most types of tremor have no known Causes of Hand Tremors, even though there are some forms that appear to be inherited and run in families. About half of essential tremor cases look to result from a genetic mutation though a specific gene has not been identified. This form is referred to as familial tremor.

Following are some of the root Causes of Hand Tremors that are responsible for its onset:

  • Stress
  • Essential tremor
  • Drug withdrawal
  • Stroke
  • Brain tumor
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Feelings of anger or fear
  • Fatigue
  • Caffeine overdose
  • Smoking hash
  • Smoking cigarettes
  • Low blood sugar levels
  • Psychological disorder
  • Physical exhaustion
  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti-seizure medication
  • Benzodiazepine withdrawal
  • Bronchodilators
  • Lithium
  • Pseudoephedrine
  • Theophylline
  • Nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy)
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Withdrawal of alcohol

Tremors can be caused by diseases such as multiple sclerosis, stroke and neurodegenerative problems such as Parkinson’s disease. It can also be caused by drugs like alcohol, amphetamine, and steroids.

It’s as well helpful to notice what makes a tremor better. For instance, hand tremor is a very common cause of tremor that for unknown reasons often recovers when the patient has had something alcoholic to drink. Orthostatic tremor improves after sitting down.

Symptoms of Hand Tremors

The signs and symptoms of alcohol withdrawal for example shaking of the hands and legs or tremors of the hands and legs,cold sweat, vomiting, loss of appetite, rapid pulse, mild headaches, restlessness, insomnia, anxiety and auditory hallucinations appear around six to 48 hours after the patient has stopped drinking alcohol.

Some of the most common Symptoms of Hand Tremors include:

  • Rhythmic shaking of hands
  • Recurrent urination
  • Lack of coordination
  • Unsteady voice
  • Difficulty walking
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Severe heat intolerance
  • Perspiration
  • Goiter
  • Vision problems
  • Fatigue
  • Depression
  • Stooped posture
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Paralysis
  • Rigid trunk
  • Indistinct speech
  • Impassiveness or stinging in any part of the body
  • Difficulties faced in speaking and understanding speech

Some tremor may be triggered by or become worse during times of stress or strong emotion when an individual is physically exhausted, or when a person is in certain postures or makes certain movements.

There is great individual variation as to the severity of the condition. Symptoms of Hand Tremors can change from person to person and change from day to day. In more severe cases, essential tremor can interfere with everyday activities for example writing, eating and dressing.

Diagnosis of Hand Tremors

Diagnosis of Hand Tremors is based on medical history, family history, physical examination and assessment of symptoms. Due to similarities between essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease, they are often mistaken for one another. For this reason a referral to a neurologist a doctor who specialises in brain and nervous system disorders is generally required before an accurate diagnosis can be made.

Diagnosis of Hand Tremors is based on a physical and neurological examination and an individual’s medical history. During the physical evaluation a doctor will assess the tremor based on:

  • Whether the tremor happens when the muscles are at rest or in action
  • The appearance of the tremor (tremor frequency and amplitude)
  • The location of the tremor on the body and if it happens on one or both sides of the body

The doctor may order an electromyogram to diagnose muscle or nerve problems. This test measures involuntary muscle activity and muscle response to nerve stimulation.

Key Points of Hand Tremors

Hand Tremors can be categorized based on when they happen whether at rest resting tremor or when moving action tremor and action tremors can be classified as those occurring at the end of a movement toward a target kinetic tremor, when moving toward a target intention tremor, or when holding a limb outstretched postural tremor.

  • Tremors that occur during rest are often caused by Parkinson disease.
  • Doctors can usually identify the cause based on the history and physical examination.
  • If a tremor begins quickly or is accompanied by other neurologic symptoms people should see a doctor right away.
  • If people are under 50, have a tremor, but do not have a family history of tremor, they should see a doctor.
  • Most tremors are physiologic normal tremors, and some are essential Hand Tremors or are caused by other disorders.
  • The cause of the tremor is treated if possible, but otherwise, some simple strategies for example avoiding circumstances that trigger tremors and sometimes drugs can help control the tremors.

Risk Factors of Hand Tremors

The Risk Factors of Hand Tremors may include:

  • A family history of the disorder
  • Advancing age; with elderly individuals being more prone to the condition

It is important to note that having a Risk Factors of Hand Tremors does not mean that one will get the condition. A risk factor increases ones chances of getting a condition compared to an individual without the risk factors. Some risk factors are more important than others.

Also, not having a risk factor does not mean that an individual will not get the condition. It is always important to discuss the effect of risk factors with your healthcare provider.

Complications of Hand Tremors

Complications of Hand Tremors can lead to the following:

  • Speech impairment, owing to tremors in the voice box
  • Inability to accomplish simple and daily tasks, such as holding something or tying shoes
  • Effect on coordinated muscle movement (ataxia)
  • Abnormal gait
  • Social anxiety, embarrassment, and depression
  • Increased risk for Parkinson’s disease

Prevention of Hand Tremors

No one knows what causes essential tremor. Therefore, there is no way to Prevention of Hand Tremors.
Stress, caffeine and certain medicines may make the tremor worse. If stress makes your tremor worse, you can learn ways to reduce your stress.
If caffeine worsens your symptoms, try to cut down on caffeinated beverages such as coffee, tea and soft drinks.

Medicines likely to affect the tremor include:

  • Lithium (Lithobid, others)
  • Valproate (Depacon)
  • Antidepressants
  • Stimulants such as methylphenidate (Ritalin)
  • Thyroid replacement medicine (in excessive doses)

Hand Tremors Herbal Treatment

Herbal treatment use herbal supplements that’s are very efficient in treating the Hand Tremors. Herbal supplements can help in treating the essential tremors of hands as well as that of head and tongue. This supplement is mainly prescribed to those patients who complain of extreme trembling of hands in motion, particularly while writing. This Herbal Treatment for Hand Tremors can also prove very useful for patients who complain of shaking of hands when holding objects, often resulting in dropping of objects from hand.

The Hand Tremors can also be treated with this supplement. The patients requiring this supplement in Herbal Treatment for Hand Tremors complain of jerking of hands with excessive weakness especially while writing. This medicine is taken into consideration. The restlessness of feet in patients suffering from hand tremors is a significant deciding factor for using this supplement product. The excessive shaking of hands poses a great difficulty in holding anything with hand. Numbness or crawling sensation in hands can also be complained of along with trembling of hands in such patients. An excessive craving for meat, cold drinks or ice creams may also be noticed in patients requiring this herbal supplement for Hand Tremors Herbal Treatment.

Why do you think you should go for dietary herbal supplement?

You should go for dietary herbal supplement because:

  • Made of natural ingredients
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Ingredients used

Here is a list of ingredients used in this dietary herbal supplement for your reference:

  • Operculina Turpelthum 142.5 mg
  • Rheum Rhabarbarum 41.8 mg
  • Scammony 38 mg
  • Indian Olibanum Tree 16.3 mg
  • Ginger 16.3 mg
  • Torchwood Tree 12.3 mg

  •     The herbal pill is intended for oral use only.
  •     Take 2 tablets each day in the morning after breakfast and evening after dinner.
  •     Fix times for daily intake and follow precisely.
  •     Be regular to witness the most outstanding results.

Here we have some old school tips compiled for you to take advantage from. We will keep updating them as soon as we come up with something new through experiment. In the meanwhile read and follow these:

  •     Keep yourself well-informed about this condition so that you can manage it effortlessly in case of emergency
  •     Don’t feel ashamed and become an introvert just because you have this medical condition. Remember it’s not your fault!
  •     Stay away from stress and relax as much as you possibly can
  •     Avoid lifting heavy weights and doing hard core house chores or exercises
  •     Use straw for drinks
  •     Keep your frequent calling numbers on speed dial so that you don’t have to fret when there is an emergency or you have to call somebody and your hands are not supporting you
  •     Stay away from caffeine rich foods such as  coffee, colas, chocolate or tea
  •     If you have to attend an outing it is advisable to take beta blockers because they can temporarily halt tremors


  •  All these tips will keep you motivated and make you feel good about yourself while you are still undergoing the Hand Tremors management routine with our Herbal Alternative Medicine.
  •  These tips and tricks are by no means a replacement of our herbal pills or any other prescribed medication.