Lichen Planus Symptoms

Lichen planus is a skin rash that is triggered by the immune system. The condition generally clears up by itself within some weeks or months. There’re also Treatment for Lichen Planus that can manage your symptoms. Lichen planus may be painful, however it isn’t considered dangerous.

Lichen Planus Symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms of lichen planus include the following:

  •     Purplish-colored bumps or lesions with flat tops on your skin or genitals
  •     Lesions that grow and increase over the body during weeks or a few months
  •     Itching at the site of the rash
  •     Lacy white lesions in the mouth, which may be painful and  cause a burning sensation
  •     Blisters, which burst and become scabby
  •     Thin white lines over the rash

The most general type of lichen planus affects the skin. Over the course of some weeks lesions appear and spread. The condition will usually clear up within six to 16 months.
Less usually the lesions can occur in areas besides the skin or genitals. These may include:

  •     Nails
  •     Mucous membranes
  •     The scalp

There is also difference of the condition more common in the Middle East, Africa, Asia,   and Latin America.