Symptoms of Motor Neuron Disease

In order to rightly identify the disorder it is important to look at the signs and symptoms so that the most accurate treatment option is suggested. In order to do so the symptoms of Motor Neuron Disease are important. The most common symptoms of Motor Neuron Disease are:

  • Breathing and swallowing difficulties
  • Choking occasionally and very easily
  • Drooling & gagging
  • Head drop caused due to weakening of neck muscles
  • Moderate to severe cramps in muscles
  • Fasciculation caused due to muscle contractions
  • Weakening of muscles which deteriorates with time
  • Difficulty lifting, climbing stairs, and walking
  • Paralysis in severe cases if not treated in time
  • Speaking issues such as slow or abnormal speech pattern leading to words slurring
  • Obvious changes in voice leading to rough/coarse voice
  • Weight loss