Myasthenia Gravis Treatment Physical Therapy

Myasthenia gravis produces various degrees of weakness in the muscles in your face, arms and legs as well as the muscles that manage your breathing. Research published in the September 2005 problem of the journal “Chest” indicates that physical therapy breathing techniques can improve respiratory muscle strength in patients with this neuromuscular disease. If you experience from myasthenia gravis, your doctor may suggest physical therapy exercises to help strengthen your muscles.

Your physical therapist will design a program of exercises that focus on strengthening the particular muscles weakened by myasthenia gravis. For instance, she might suggest performing squats to strengthen the quadriceps and hamstring muscles in your thighs and leg rises to help strength in your abdominal and hip muscles. If your muscles are very weak, your Treatment for Myasthenia Gravis may instruct you to perform exercises with some assistance. After noting significant development, she might direct you to perform range-of-motion exercises that move your muscles through a full range of motion -- without support. A physical therapist can slowly add strengthening exercises, such as weightlifting, to your activity regimen. Furthermore, she will modify and suggest activities depending on your day-to-day performance. The progression of specific exercises, along with the strength and duration of each exercise, will also vary depending on your overall condition.