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Narcolepsy is a condition characterized by an extreme tendency to fall asleep whenever in relaxing surroundings.

What is Narcolepsy?

Narcolepsy is a chronic Neurological Disorder which is caused by the brains inability to regulate sleep cycles. At various times during the day, the patient can fall asleep at any time for anything from a few seconds up to a few minutes. The patient has little or no control over falling asleep and it can happen at the most inconvenient and embarrassing times for example, whilst driving, during a meeting or conversation.

While everyone is affected by narcolepsy equally, be them male or female, rich or poor and of any race, the first symptoms actually develop very early on, in the patients' teenage years. The first one to appear is excessive daytime sleepiness and it is usually chalked up to teenagers being teenagers and not wanting to get up on time to go to school. The next bout of symptoms, a bit more telling than the sleepiness, can show up years after the first one and help identify the illness completely.

While it's immediately obvious in some sufferers, others mainly suffer from sleepiness with occasional extra symptoms, which can be difficult to positively diagnose. By understanding narcolepsy diagnosis criteria, you and your physician can decide whether you're likely to be suffering from this condition.

Key Facts of Narcolepsy

  •     Narcolepsy is a neurological issue that begins due to the mind's inability to control sleep/wake cycles in a typical way
  •     The rule idiosyncrasies of narcolepsy are exhaustion and cataplexy
  •     The ailment is moreover associated with sudden slumber assaults; restless evenings, dream-like pipedreams, and a condition called sleep paralysis
  •     Its pervasiveness in today's reality is generally the same as that of multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's sickness
  •     Then again, with extended state subsidized training about narcolepsy and different specialist trainings in the diagnosis and treatment of such rest related issues, these figures are expected to move up
  •     Despite the general perception that individuals with narcolepsy are consistently lazy, they don't in actuality rest more than a normal individual
  •     They simply can't control the timings of the sleep
  •     It can by and large influence both genders just as and age is an alternate vital component that is more prone to play a part in the onset of this issue
  •     Side effects typically show up in the prior years of life yet stay unidentified as they rationally advance
  •     A blend of hereditary and natural components is additionally viewed as firm trigger in charge of the beginning of this issue

Causes of Narcolepsy

Following are some of the root causes of Narcolepsy that are responsible for its onset:

  •     Genetic inheritance
  •     Chromosome 6 known as the HLA complex
  •     Changes in the motor and proprioceptive systems during REM sleep
  •     Emotional stress
  •     Mental illness
  •     Psychological problems
  •     Reduced amounts of proteins that are known as hypocretin which are made in the brain

Symptoms of Narcolepsy

Some of the most common symptoms of Narcolepsy include:

  •     Cataplexy
  •     Hypnagogic hallucinations – distorted perceptions
  •     Inability to move or talk
  •     Sleep paralysis
  •     Distorted nocturnal sleep
  •     Automatic behavior without conscious awareness
  •     Excessive daytime sleeping pattern
  •     Laziness
  •     Fatigue
  •     Blurred or double vision
  •     Droopy eyelids

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Here we have some old school tips compiled for you to take advantage from. We will keep updating them as soon as we come up with something new through experiment. In the meanwhile read and follow these:

  •     Try to maintain and religiously follow a regular sleep schedule for yourself
  •     Plan and schedule as per your convenience short naps throughout the day
  •     Get involved in activities that make you feel active
  •     Avoid eating excessive food because that makes you super sleepy
  •     Eliminate alcohol from your daily routine because alcohol slows the brain down and makes you feel sleepy
  •     Avoid driving strictly if you are in a sleepy state and in case driving is a mandatory thing for you try not to make the environment too relaxing
  •     Try to exercise more frequently


  •  All these tips will keep you motivated and make you feel good about yourself while you are still undergoing the Narcolepsy management routine with our Herbal Alternative Medicine.
  •  These tips and tricks are by no means a replacement of our herbal pills or any other prescribed medication.