Narcolepsy Treatment Drugs

Medication is the most common way to cope narcolepsy. Patients with narcolepsy can be considerably helped, but not cured. Choose the best medications are a complex process and numerous people require more than one medication. It is not rare for patients to try more than one type of medicine before finding the Best Treatment for Narcolepsy to control the symptoms. Finding the best dosage may also take some time.

It’s important to set expectations about medication and what they can and can’t do. Unfortunately, current treatment options are not perfect, and most people find them to some extent effective. That is, they reduce sleepiness but don’t get rid of it all together. Relying on medication to do all the work and expecting it to return function to usual often leads to doses of medication being too high and getting more side effects.

Dexamphetamine is an amphetamine-based psychostimulant that has been used as a Treatment for Narcolepsy for many years. It comes in 5mg tablets and can be used at doses of up to 60mg every day.

It has period of action of 3-6 hours and the effect comes on rapidly, usually within 30 minutes, which means it can be in use as 2 or3 doses across the day. Dexamphetamine works by activating the sympathetic nervous system; the ‘fight flight response’ so, in addition to helping individual feel more awake, can enhance alertness and give a sense of person ‘on’. It can also increase heart rate and over time lead to high blood pressure or heart wall thickening.