Polycystic Kidney Disease Prognosis

It is known that polycystic kidney disease is progressive in nature. The prognosis of polycystic kidney disease depends on the severity of the disease, an early diagnosis and suitable Treatment for Polycystic Kidney choices. Suitable treatment for the patient is able to prevent the growth of renal failure for many years. Patients with severe forms of the disease with permanent changes and reduce infiltration capacity require hemodialysis, and are candidates for a kidney transplant.

Polycystic kidney disease treatment is analytic and aimed at supporting kidney function and preventing difficulties. Among the main methods of complex therapy, carried out in this hospital are:

Blood pressure control using current antihypertensive drugs to stop the growth of secondary changes

Application of modern diuretics

Analgesic therapy for renal colic

Correction of electrolyte imbalance

Antibiotic treatment of infectious complications and prophylactic use of long-acting antibiotics

The use of erythropoietin preparations for the treatment of serious anemia. Also the use of intravenous iron supplementation and red blood cell transfusions when indicated

A particular diet and the use of dietary supplements are essential in the prevention of progression of renal failure adapted for patients with renal impairment.