Porphyria Natural Treatment

Porphyria is a rare hereditary condition that is blood associated and it can start to manifest in childhood by some kind skin disorders after exposure to sunlight. We have here a natural treatment for porphyria that, together with the particular treatment can work wonders for effective person.

There is no treatment for porphyria. Porphyria treatment focuses on managing symptoms. In most cases Porphyria Symptoms and Treatment recover with medication.

  • Opioids for pain management
  • Hematin to shorten attacks
  • Beta blockers to manage blood pressure
  • High carbohydrate diet to aid recovery

Porphyria cannot be prevented. Though, symptoms can be reduced with porphyria natural treatment.

Factors that should be eliminated include:

  • Mental stress
  • Certain antibiotics
  • Recreational drugs
  • Excessive drinking

Preventing erythropoietic symptoms focuses on reducing light exposure by:

Wearing long sleeves, hats, and other protective clothing while outside

Staying out of bright sunlight

Asking for protection during surgery in rare cases phototoxic injury can happen. This happens when light perforate the organs and leads to infection. Besides this Treatment of Porphyria you will need to consult a doctor and follow the current treatment for porphyria at the same time.