Rectal Prolapse in Children

Rectal prolapse in children most normally happens before the age of 4, and usually before age 1. Boys and girls are equally possible to develop the condition.

A rectal prolapse may get better without treatment. Your child may need any of the following:

  •     Antibiotics help treat a bacterial infection.
  •     Antiparasitics help treat and prevent a parasite infection.
  •     Laxatives help your child's intestines relax and loosen to prevent constipation.
  •     Bowel movement softeners help prevent constipation.

Injections may prevent your child's rectum from moving through his anus. He may be given one or more shots of numbing medication. A needle will be inserted into the rectum and medication will be given. Your child may feel some pushing or discomfort as the needle enters his rectum.

Surgery may be needed if other Treatment of Prolapse does not work. Surgery can help position your child's rectum so that it does not come down through his anus. Surgery may consist of placing sutures or mesh into the rectum, or removing the part of the rectum that is prolapsed.