Rectal Prolapse Treatment at Home

Rectal prolapse is a medical condition when a part of the rectum slips through the anus and causes pain. It makes sitting extremely painful and led to some other discomforts. The exact cause of rectal prolapse is yet to be recognized though doctors generally relate it to constant constipation, pregnancy and weak pelvic muscles. The common symptoms are pain in the lower abdomen, blood in the anus and difficulty in passing stools etc. It may lead to serious infections later if not treated on time. The rectal prolapse symptoms depend on the severity of the condition as rectus prolapse are of different types. Other than surgery, rectal prolapse can be treated well with different DIY methods.

Castor Oil is a vegetable oil made from the castor plant. Cold pressed castor oil is a natural homemade Treatment for Prolapse. A low heat castor oil pack should be applied in the pelvic areas among patients with rectal condition. It will help in the blood circulation in the affected parts and helps in detoxification. It will avoid the rectal muscle reduction and release the bowels without any pain. Massage smoothly in the affected parts to get relief from the pain.