Scleroderma Treatment for Skin Thickening

Phototherapy is now considered by some professionals to be the treatment of choice for local scleroderma. Particularly, doctors favor an approach called ultraviolet A-1 radiation. This Scleroderma Treatment produces long UVA wave lengths that do not cause sunburn and may actually repair DNA in damaged skin cells. The procedure is helpful for all stage of morphea. It increases skin elasticity and in some cases, completely clears up symptoms.

An alternative phototherapy routine called PUVA uses drugs called psoralens taken by mouth before UVA scleroderma treatment for skin thickening. PUVA has been used for further skin diseases, including psoriasis. It may verify useful for patients with early-onset diffuse scleroderma this treatment is known to increase the risk for skin cancer.

UVA-1 phototherapy is quite expensive and needs a particular light source not accessible everywhere. In addition, studies are reporting an increased risk with UVA radiation. Whether this applies to UVA-1 phototherapy is not yet obvious. However, phototherapy is still an effective and important for Scleroderma Skin Treatment. It may prove to be even more beneficial when combined with certain medications, such as calcipotriene (Dovonex), a form of vitamin D3.