Tea Tree Oil for Asthma

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil which is a knight in shining armor and it is used to fight against all kinds of infections which includes bacterial, viral, fungal and microbial. It has essential oil in your medicine cabinet and can assist you in times of distress. Tea Tree oil has nothing to do with the tea we drink, mostly we remember that this magnificent herb as a tea for the whole system which has the potential to heal, pacify and cure us in a number of ways. Tea tree oil is also used recently used for treat fungal infections of the nail and many other problems like asthma.

Tea Tree Oil for Asthma

When the airways get inflamed, they become narrower and very sensitive, causing a long-term lung disease called asthma. Tea tree oil for asthma home remedy which is considered best for relieve number of triggering events, including upper respiratory infection, airborne allergens, and exercise. You need to Monitor the condition  tea tree oil for asthma the symptoms quickly about ten people are exposed to dust mites on a daily basis in the US, and about six out of oil tree asthma tea ten are exposed to pet dander, playing havoc with those that suffer from asthma. However sometimes, cosmetics or laundry detergents allergy syndrome and pollen food syndrome which Developed guidelines on asthma management for doctors, nurses and leukotrienes, which can trigger the narrowing of your airway. Minutest irritant can trigger asthma as the airways which are already inflamed. It also excesses the mucus which is produced, and which can further constrict your airways and cause difficulty for breathing, wheezing, and also has tightness in the chest.

You Will Need

•A few drops of tea tree oil
•Face cloth
•Warm water

What You Have To Do

Dip the face cloth in warm water completely and then wring out excess.
Pour this tea tree oil randomly on damp cloth and then inhale the vapors until the cloth comes back from room temperature.

How Often You Should Do This

You repeat this for few times until the asthma symptom have vanished and make you feel better.

Why This Works

It has the expectorant and decongestant properties for relieving the wheezing and coughing and eliminating the excess mucus. This essential oil can also possesses anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which can also help to reduce the inflammation in the airways and it can treat by any infections which is present in the respiratory system
Tea tree oil for asthma is the most versatile and effective essential oils.

How to use it

Tea Tree Oil for Asthma is famous for its breathing aid and it is mostly used by bronchitis sufferers. It helps to expel mucous and thereby eases breathing and also irritation in the lungs. Pour a some drops of tea tree oil on warm and damp face cloth. Breathe through it till the cloth gets cool. Repeat this process and few more times until you feel better.