Tea Tree Oil for Cuts

Tea Tree Oil

The Tea Tree oil is collected from long, slender leaves of tea tree plant. Tea tree oil can be an effective, natural option for wound care in certain situations. It is especially on deep, open wounds or those that are severely infected. It is the medicine which is generally for external use, unless of course, you have access to the fresh or dried leaves. Tea tree oil which is closest to 100 compounds and which the plant has developed to defend itself in the wilds of Australia. In hands, as healers, this also works as a defense system must be handled with care. Tea tree is related to cajuput, which is another tropical tree, and shares cajuput’s antiseptic properties. Tea tree oil is for antiseptic and for external use. It’s absorbed into the skin readily and also activates white corpuscles, which fend off bacteria and viruses.

Tea Tree Oil for Cuts

If you’re looking for a first aid alternative to heal cuts and scrapes naturally, turn to tea tree oil. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory healing powers make it the first aid wonder of the essential oil world! Cuts are things which can be treated with great effect using Tea Tree oil for Cuts. There are a many different of ways that you can use Melaleuca treat these types of injuries. Plus it benefits them in a different ways and its antiseptic nature is incredibly beneficial here, though its tissue regenerative function is more so in many ways. Tea tree oil for cuts keeps infection out and then thus aiding healing, plus it helps to promote faster healing by regenerating the tissues that were damaged. The main benefit to using tea tree oil for cuts is that it’s 100% all natural and has no chemicals. The tea tree oil for cuts which is produced by distilling the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia tree (native to Australia), and used widely by the Aboriginal people of Australia for thousands of years to treat cuts, scrapes and many other ailments.

Tea Tree Oil for Wounds and Cuts

For avoid a skin reaction and a significant sting, it’s recommended which you dilute the oil.  Some Symptoms include like redness, itching, blisters, and a rash. To avoid skin sensitivity, it’s best to dilute the oil. Here are how you can use tea tree oil for wounds and cuts:

  • Place two drops of the tea tree oil in one cup of warm water
  • Soak a cotton ball in solution, and dab it on your gash.
  • Apply this solution twice a day until your skin heals.

If your cuts are minor, there’s usually no need for a bandage. Exposing the skin to air can help it seal. If the abrasion is deep, cover it with an adhesive strip. Most studies show that a covered cuts can faster than an uncovered wound.