Tea Tree Oil for Dry Skin

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil, which is also called as melaleuca oil and it, comes from leaves of tea tree. At The Body Shop, we hand harvest our tea tree leaves from the foothills of Mount Kenya and then steam-distill these leaves within 12 hours in order to produce the purest, most potent essence. It allows us to offer the best natural solutions that are enriched with natural tea tree oil. A truly versatile oil, Melaleuca, or Tea Tree, essential oil holds over 92 different compounds and limitless applications. It is Hailing from Australia; and the Melaleuca plant which was a daily necessity for the early natives. The Aborigines would apply the leaves directly to the skin for a cooling effect. It is used topically for cleansing and rejuvenating skin, internally for supporting healthy immune function, if you don't want to give them up altogether, be sure for using a light touch.

Tea Tree Oil for Dry Skin

Dry skin which is not usually serious, but it can be also uncomfortable and unsightly. Dry skin conditions which are an inherited group of disorders called ichthyosis — it can sometimes be disfiguring and upsetting. Fortunately, most dry skin is caused by environmental factors that can be at least partially controlled. These factors include hot or cold weather, low humidity, and soaking in hot water. The cold weather during winters brings a host of problems with it. Dry skin, dry scalp, blemishes, rashes are few of the common problems you face during winters. Tea tree oil directly attacks the bacteria responsible for dry skin you can even use it in face masks to get a glowing and fresh skin. Dry skin which is often temporary and which you get it only in winter, for example — but it may be a lifelong condition. Signs and symptoms of dry skin depend on your age, your health, where you live, time spent outdoors and the cause of the problem. Severe dry skin is a feature of the inherited group of disorders called ichthyoids: the most common form of ichthyosis is defined ichthyosis vulgaris, characterized by fine scaling that is most prominent over the legs and usually presents within the first few months of life. In winter season months in the Northern Hemisphere; you can also suffer from red, rough, raw, and itchy skin. It is because cold winter air means low humidity, both outdoors and indoors.

Dry Skin is a major irritant during winters. Moisturizing creams can soften your skin but often fail to give permanent relief. You can add 3 drops of Tea Tree oil for Dry Skin while applying your cream for best results.

Guess what, the list just keeps going! You can reduce your dry skin by just mixing 4-5 drops of Tea Tree oil for Dry Skin with Almond Oil and applying onto your skin. Take a warm shower afterwards and then jump into bed with a good book, to lock in the moisture; you can also apply a good night cream like Olay Total Effects 7 in One Anti-ageing Night Cream before going to sleep!