Tea Tree Oil for Homemade Mouthwash

Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree oil is collected from long, slender leaves of tea tree plant. Tea tree oil is effective, natural option for wound care for certain situations. It is especially on deep, open wounds or those can be are severely infected and which is generally for external use, unless of course, you have access to the fresh or dried leaves.

Tea Tree Oil for Homemade Mouthwash

Tea Tree oil for Homemade Mouthwash will being a natural agent and it is safe but only as long as you don’t swallow it in. It is important for make sure that none of the oil will goes into your mouth when you use a tea tree oil mouth wash. Here are few other precautions that you should use with tea tree oil for just to be safe. As long as these precautions are taken care of and it is highly beneficial for your dental health for use tea tree oil mouth wash on a regular basis.

  • You Use a diluted and a less concentrated version of the tea tree oil.
  • Get a patch test done on your skin for make sure that you are not having any specific allergies to the oil.
  • Wash your mouth every time when you use tea tree oil just so that none of it goes in.

How to Make Tea Tree oil for Homemade Mouthwash

For making a tea tree oil mouth which can be done at home in these simple steps.

Step 1: Get yourself a tea tree oil of a concentration of around 5%.

Step 2: Take little water and boil it.

Step 3: Add some drops of the Tea Tree oil for Homemade Mouthwash which is into this warm water and can see to it that it can dissolves in the water completely by either stirring it shaking it in a bottle.

Step 4: Use it for the mouth wash by this solution which stay in your mouth for about a 2 - 5 minutes at the least before you spit it out.

Step 5: you need to make sure that you should not swallow tea tree oil solution because as it can be harmful.

Step 6: Wash your mouth with regular water.

Step 7: Upon using this 2 to 3 times in a day, you will notice that a considerable change will in your dental health in a few weeks ‘time.

Tea Tree Oil + Clove Oil Mouth Wash

Tea Tree oil and Clove which is considered as good for its flavor and it freshness which has good imparted properties for the teeth which can made its way. It can also be use along with Tea Tree oil for Homemade Mouthwash by this simple mouth wash which can be made in home.

  • Take little water and boil it.
  • Add a some drops of clove oil and tea tree oil to it.
  • Stir it until they will dissolve and cool it to usable temperatures.
  • Use it for as a mouthwash and wash your mouth with plain water posts that.