Chronic Urethritis

Chronic urethritis is generally caused by a bacterial infection or structural problem that leads to narrowing of the urethra. Causes include: E. coli bacteria Sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea Personal hygiene products, particularly feminine products chronic urethritis happens in both women and men.

Chronic Urethritis Treatment includes antibiotics or other medications to kill the infection. Sex partners should be treated as well. It is imperative to refraining from sexual activity until the treatment is completed because infections can remain active even after your symptoms have disappeared. This will help stop reinfection.

In order to prevent increase this bacterial infection from individual to individual, do not have sex until both you and your partner no longer suffer from this infection. Besides antibiotics and pain medication, many natural procedure and home remedies for chlamydia in men and women are effective in treating this bacterial infection. You can use these natural remedies together with antibiotics in order to fasten the healing process and stop this disease from additional spreading.