Vitamin C Urethritis

Urethitis is the scientific name for the inflammation of the urethra, and urethra is the canal that starts from the bladder and, through which the urine passes. In men this canal is intended for the passage of the semen as well. So this condition can be followed with severe pain especially if triggered by the bacteria which affects the urethra and the bladder and in that case this urinary tract disorder is called the non-gonococcal urethitis.

Infections of the urinary tract are go together with by irritation and inflammation, which causes pain and pressure around the bladder area and pubic area. Vitamin C fights off the increase and growth of bacteria. So, if you have an infected urinary tract, this nutrient will make a great addition to your diet. Urethritis Natural Treatment of the best sources of vitamin C includes grapes, lemons, oranges, tomatoes, papayas, watermelons, guava and kiwi fruits. In addition, Indian gooseberry will make a great tasting cup of lemonade that’s filled with vitamin C to help you tackle UTIs.