Uveitis Treatment Naturally

Uvetis is a contributing issue to a number of severe eye conditions, including cataracts, macular degeneration and glaucoma. It is the third leading cause of blindness in grows nations, and the fifth leading cause of loss of sight in America. Without treatment it normally leads to vision loss.

Early diagnosis and quick Treatment of Uveitis is needed otherwise, uveitis can cause problem most important to vision loss. Symptoms of uveitis include eye pain and redness, light sensitivity, blurred vision, floaters in the field of vision, whitish area in front of the iris and decreased vision. Treatments consist of medication, surgery and sometimes alternative medication.

Curcumin seems to offer the same effectiveness and recurrences after treatment as corticosteroids without the side effects. A double blind multi-centric clinical study has been recommended for additional validation of the benefits of curcumin.

Based on some of the studies I have extracted, one can say turmeric can certainly be of benefit in case of uveitis but with limitations. While at present no natural treatment can fully take the place of standard Uveitis Natural Treatment, numerous substances that contain powerful antioxidants could be used as add-on treatments, turmeric along with Vitamin C and E are some of them.

Turmeric supplements are contraindicated for pregnant and breastfeeding female. It might have abortion-inducing effects and also cause menstrual bleeding. Rare cases of kidney stones and contact dermatitis have been reported.