How to Get Rid of Vocal Nodules

Nodules are small cysts that can form on the thyroid gland, in breasts, in the joints or on vocal cords nodule, as well as in other areas. Frequently benign, these small fluid sacs can be unsightly and uncomfortable. While surgical procedure or drugs may be compulsory for malignant nodules, it’s possible to decrease or dissolve some nodules through additional natural means. All you need to do, according to numerous natural remedy proponents, is to reduce the phlegm and unhealthy chemicals that are causing the nodules to form in the first place.

Do not talk during voice loss Treatment for Vocal Cord Nodules. Instead, give rest to the strained vocal cords. This is perhaps one of the best natural home remedies for vocal cords. Avoid whispering as well because it tends to damage the vocal cords further. Furthermore, remember that crying, singing etc can also worsen the condition.

Apart from this, run a humidifier to keep away from dry air as it tends to irritate the throat. Avoid clearing the throat frequently to avoid more irritation. Nonetheless, sucking herbal lozenges or chewing gums can also help keep the throat moisturized and hence reduce the difficulty.